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I have been involved with dogs since I was a small child. My breed of choice was the German Shepherd. My earliest memories are of me in the yard with our two dogs, Princess and King. My love of animals came from my Dad. He was guilty of bringing home plenty of strays and I have done the same. I consider myself a canine social worker.

My first Cane Corso was the result of an almost two-year search. At the time, I had an aging mixed breed and two German Shepherd rescues who remain with us today. My initial search started because I wanted yet another indoor dog and this time I wanted one that didn't shed and that had less hair than my two Shepherds. I've looked at Pharaoh Hounds, American Staffordshire Terriers, and many other breeds. An Internet search resulted in a picture of About Time's Causing Chaos to appear. I was blown away by that picture and from that moment on, endeavored to obtain a puppy from that particular dog. I soon learned that Chaos was no longer being bred but filled out an application and was approved two years before actually purchasing About Time's Lilliandil ("Azula").

I recall vividly picking Azula up from the airport. We got lost trying to find the area near the airport where they actually kept live animals and after receiving several phone calls and many directions, we arrived. After removing Azula from her crate, we proudly showed her off to the airline workers and told them what breed she was. Soon, we were on our way home.

My goals with Azula have been to try any and everything because I know that she is more than capable. Although stubborn, Azula is very intelligent and I've taught her many things with time, patience, and not a little bit of forethought on my part. She has several performance titles and hopefully, I can add an OTCH (obedience champion) to her name. We are in training year round with the local obedience club, of which I am a member.

The newest addition to my program is Pirate's Den Mamou d'Evangeline. Mamou is a firecracker and we are excited to see how she matures. She comes from a line of very nice dogs and I was able to personally interact with her sire and dam along with many other of the Pirate's Den dogs. It's not an experience that I will soon forget.

My goal in breeding is to produce dogs that are healthy, mentally sound, and correct according to the AKC/FCI standards. That's how I came up with my kennel name, Triple Crown. The combination of these 3 attributes, in my mind, is the ultimate goal for any good breeding program and what every potential owner should be looking for.

Natika Anderson -
cane corso baton rouge, louisiana
sales policies

Triple Crown Cane Corso Sales Policies

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please read our sales policy below, review our purchase process found on our Owner's page, and take a minute to complete our Puppy Application. Once an application is completed we will contact you promptly.

Sales Policy
A good deal of time, thought, and money goes into each and every puppy that is produced by Triple Crown Cane Corso.  We do not take the responsibility lightly, nor do we place puppies in homes without first assessing the quality and ability of each family to properly train and care for a Triple Crown Cane Corso. That is why we ask each interested family or individual to complete a puppy application. After the application is reviewed, we will follow up with a phone interview.  It is our intent to place each of our puppies in homes where they will be a valued, loved member of the family.

Each puppy is sold with a contract and guarantee.  Companion puppies are sold on a strict sterilization agreement with limited AKC registration. These pups are typically just as correct as their show-prospect littermates but we understand that many families do not want an intact dog, simply a family companion. For those interested in AKC conformation and/or breeding, we have puppies which we believe exemplify the AKC standard and would do well in the show ring. We want each interested show-home buyer to understand that we are very strict when placing a pup in a show home.  There are several stipulations which must be met and the puppy will be a co-owned with Triple Crown Cane Corso.

As stated earlier, each pup is sold on a contract with a health and temperament guarantee. The health guarantee covers genetic disorders and includes a guarantee against hip dysplasia. If an unfortunate event such as this occurs, we offer a replacement pup per our contract.  Our buyers will never have to relinquish ownership of their current dog in these instances if they choose not to.  Our contract also requires each puppy to be properly trained and socialized.  Each pup must also have the proper health care, including immunizations and heartworm preventative.  In the event that a pup cannot be kept by its family, Triple Crown Corso must be contacted. The pup cannot be given away, sold to another buyer, or relinquished to any sort of shelter or rescue group.  All of our pups will always have a home with us in the event their families can no longer provide one. The contract is extensive and our aim to primarily protect the dog. We also want to protect you the buyer and ourselves.  Our buyers will receive unlimited support from us on any issues ranging from training to health. Triple Crown Cane Corso prides itself on being responsive and we are readily available should an owner have questions or simply a brag about their pup.

A companion puppy will be sold for $2,000 on a sterilization agreement. This includes dew claw removal and tail dock and age-appropriate immunizations. This does NOT include the required AKC registration and microchip which will be completed and registered to the new owner(s) by Triple Crown Cane Corso. This also does not include ear crops. Ear crops are not mandatory but highly suggested on companion pups.  Natural ears will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

A show/breed prospect will begin at $2,750. Again, these prices do NOT include AKC registration, microchip, and ear crop. All show prospects are required to have the ears cropped and the tail docked.

We require a $500 deposit to reserve a puppy. This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied toward the total purchase price. Payment in full is due when the puppies make 6 weeks of age.  No puppy will leave without full payment and the notarized, signed contract.    We make no guarantees on color and instead choose to place pups based on how well the puppy’s personality fits the home of the new buyer.

We do accept a limited number of advanced reservations on upcoming litters. Pups will be chosen at 6 weeks based on the order in which the deposit was received. The remaining pups will be reserved for approved homes as deposits are received.